Why DART Dynamically Mixed, Continuous  Flow Reactors

Here at Autichem we understand that in today’s market our Customers focus is on increasing efficiency, productivity and Safety, whilst remaining competitive and compliant with increasing legislation.

 DART can help you to overcome traditional limitations of typical batch reactors, such as high-pressure requirements, suboptimal yields, and excessive material consumption.

 Dart flow reactors can help to:

  • reduce raw materials.
  • Provide a fast route to Scale up.

  • Compare reaction conditions with process efficiency.

  • Improve safety when handling hazardous materials, high pressures, and where reactions involve gas evolutions.

  • Increase product stability,

  • Make the best use of your resources including space.

DART-DM® Dynamically Mixed Flow Reactors

  • DART is not a fixed geometry product-focused technology per se, but rather it provides a basis of design from which process solutions can be developed.
  • DART reactors designs are scalable, with operating volumes from 1ml to 100L.
  • Different DART forms are used to offer a wider range of materials and operating ranges.
  • Different mixing methodologies, including CSTR, Taylor Vortex and Autichem’s patented 2D mixing, allow material with multiple phases, high concentrations of solids and viscosity to be effectively handled.
  • DART reactors have a very large turndown and can maintain some mixing even at low agitator speeds. Consequently, delicate process materials such as algae, cells, and crystal structures, can be handled as well as viscous materials and immiscible fluids.
  • DART can be produced using chemical resistant plastics, in borosilicate glass and in a range of exotic alloys.
  • Energy efficiency – The motor must only move the mass of the agitator through the process fluid.
  • Difficult applications – For applications where the reaction environment is critical, the versatility of DART allows us to build special designs to help overcome specific challenges.



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