Flow Reactors for Lab optimisation, Pilot scale manufacturing and Multi-tonne production. Bespoke solutions can cater for a wide range of biological and synthetic processes involving gases, liquids, light and suspended solids.

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About Autichem Ltd | DART-DM® Flow Reactor

Autichem is a UK based engineering company specialising in the design and manufacture of chemical reactors. We produce a range of designs utilizing our own patented flow reactor technologies.

The DART-DM® reactors are available in many different forms, shapes and sizes. Designed to be adaptable and versatile, DART solutions can be manufactured using a wide range of chemically resistant robust and reliable engineering materials.

Dynamic Mixing is the underpinning fundamental principle of our DART technology. Whereas most other flow reactor technologies rely on high throughput or complex flow geometries to generate turbulence, DART utilizes the well-established benefits of mechanical mixing. By decoupling mixing from throughput and eliminating the need for complex flow geometries, DART can uniquely handle a much broader range of process conditions. Processes involving suspended solids or slurries have proven particularly challenging for many of todays flow reactor designs. The unique mixing methodologies and agitator designs deployed in DART have demonstrated time and time again that these particular types of processes can be successfully converted from batch to continuous manufacturing.

Autichem was founded by David Morris in 2014. Before establishing Autichem Ltd, David, in partnership with Mr Robert Ashe, had previously Co-Founded Ashe Morris Ltd in 2000.  David and Robert were the inspiration behind, what have now become some of the most widely adopted continuous manufacturing technologies we see in industry today; including the Coflore ACR, ATR and RTR systems marketed by AM Technology. (www.amt.uk)

Our reputation is built on trust and confidentiality. Whilst we are happy for clients to share news of their successes, it is our policy not to discuss or make reference to the projects we undertake for our clients.


Mr Ashe & Mr Morris


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