Flow Reactors for Lab optimisation, Pilot scale manufacturing and Multi-tonne production. Bespoke solutions can cater for a wide range of biological and synthetic processes involving gases, liquids and suspended solids.

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About Autichem Ltd

Autichem is a UK based engineering company specialising in the design and manufacture of chemical reactors. We produce a range of designs utilizing our own patented flow reactors technologies. 

Before starting up Autichem in 2014, our founder David Morris had previously Co-Founded Ashe Morris Ltd in 2000. Trading as AM Technology, AMT has become established as one of the world’s leading brands in today's flow reactor market. 

Our reputation is built on trust, and confidentiality. Whilst we are happy for clients to share news of their successes, it is our policy not to discuss or make reference to the projects we undertake for our clients.


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